Would you like to journey to the Land of the Messiah? For many people such a journey is not physically possible. Now, with spectacular photographs from photographer Aviel, you can take a pictorial journey through the Land of the Messiah. By opening the pages of Aviel’s second book, you will begin a mesmerizing picturesque journey through the Holy Land. Aviel has a unique style of photography that brings the sites to life and makes the reader feel that they are one with the Land. In addition to his brilliant photography, Aviel is well studied. He holds a bachelor’s degree of Theology from Israel College of the Bible, a M.A. in Archaeology from the University of the Holy Land, and he received his Tour Guide license from Haifa University. These accomplishments combined give him the ability to write descriptions of the sites, with the history of each one, that takes the reader on not only a visual journey, but a journey filled with information that brings the pages of Scripture to life. Join Aviel, through the pages of his most recent book, for a journey to the Land of the Messiah.



Very colorful and artistic book of the most amazing and unique city in the world, Jerusalem! Written, edited, published and photographed by the same author. The book present the most amazing and popular sites of Jerusalem. The city of David, The Mount of Olives, the four quarters of the old city and much more…

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