Come along and get to know Israel from a fresh set of lens.


Let’s understand Israel and the bible from a cultural, historical and archaeological perspective .


Let’s discover Israel from a more accurate perspective, separating traditions and myths and legends from historical facts and biblical history.

About Me

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I moved to Israel in 1998 after completing my Diploma in Bible and Church Mission from Belfast Bible College in Northern Ireland.

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible and Master of Arts in Archaeology (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of the Holy Land in 2000 and 2015, respectively.

Israel Virtual Tour

Come and join us discovering "The Land of The Messiah" in the comfort of your home.

My Super Powers


I am an artistic travel photographer residing in Jerusalem. Through my lens I capture Israel history and culture.


I am knowledgeable about Israel from different perspectives. I love to help people understand the cultural, historical and archaeological context of the Bible.

Israel Tour Guide

I am a theologian, teacher, photographer, and archaeologist… A Superguide. My mission is to provide you with more accurate information, separating traditions, urban legends, and myth, from historical facts and biblical history.

My Books

Israel’s Souvenirs

We have a variety of items bearing astonishing images from Israel available in our store online. Take with you a piece of The Land of the Messiah in all our products. Enjoy them! 

Photo Gallery

Discover the beauty of The Land of the Messiah as I capture through my lens it’s landscape and historical, biblical and archaeological sites.


Superguide Master! What more could you want for your tour of Israel then Aviel the Superguide who masters in archaeology and Bible history. From 8500 BC, the Neolithic Period, to the present, and every age in between (Babylonian, Hellenistic, Persian, Hasmonean, Roman, Herod the Great, Byzantine, Fatimid, Crusader, Jerusalem Kingdoms, Ottoman & more) Aviel can deliver in this Land of the Messiah! (Be sure to get his books) He was also a super leader for our tour group from January 4-12, always cheerful, gracious, humble, energetic and engaging. Great planner of our days. Best tour experience in our life, Aviel Israel Superguide was the key to our amazing experience.
Super Guide with super knowledge Just finished my fifth visit to Israel with a church group. Aviel brings not only his background and degree knowledge into the tour, but also will base his Biblical knowledge of what you are seeing before your eyes. He has great insight - gives you the "traditional views and Biblical view" of your tour of Israel. You will not regret having him as your tour guide through Israel.
Grace and Mercy Traveling to the Holy Land brings your faith and beliefs to life. I was honored to have the educated experience of our Super Guide Aviel lead us and challenge our faith. I believe what makes Christians unique is their ability to Love, show Grace, and extend Mercy as our Messiah has shown. We are our brothers keeper... ..live life with forgiveness and redemption. Thank you Aviel for your grace allowing me to reflect on that.
Kelli B
Kelli B
Outstanding Teacher We had the privilege of having Aviel teach in our church! How Blessed my family is that Aviel has become like family to us. He has been to America twice and stayed in our home. When he was our guide in the Land of Messiah he made Israel come alive in our hearts! We established a relationship with him and knew our visit wasn’t enough. So, we invited him to our church in the US to bring the Land of Messiah to our whole church. It was an experience we will never forget and neither will our church! While in Israel, he went above what he was supposed to. He gave up his lunch time to take some of our group to buy pottery because time wasn’t allotted in our schedule. He gave up a night of sleep to take one of our group members to the hospital. We will never forget our Superguide and when we go back to the Land of the Messiah we will always request Aviel, the Superguide!!
Mark M
Mark M
Awesome This was my first trip to Isreal and thinking it might be my only trip to the Holy Land, but Marcus changed my thinking and I will be planning a second trip back in the near future. Heis friendly and outgoing and very knowledgeable. He has a very warm and inviting personality.

Jerusalem of Gold Tour 

Come and join this unique tour of the Land of Messiah. Separating traditions and urban legends from historical facts and biblical history.


(Up to 2 Hours)

Basic Tour of the Old  City with a short Introduction.

Pass by 4 quarters of the city.

*Bonus: Book Jerusalem of Gold

**This Tour does not include entering any building.


(Up to 4 hours)

In depth History of the Old City

Visit 4 quarters, including: Mt. Zion, Cardo, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

*Bonus: Book, Jerusalem of Gold


(Up to 8 hours)

In depth History of the Old City

Visit Old City, including: Cardo, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Mt of Olive or City of David.

*Bonus: Book Jerusalem of Gold 

**This tour does not include lunch, taxi to the Mt. Olive and entrance fee to attractions.

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