Dear friends, greeting from the Land of the Messiah. We hope these lines find you well. I am not surprised or in unbelief that another year ended, actually; it is what takes the earth to orbit the sun, and it has been doing that since its creation. What I am more surprised about is that we are still dealing with a disease that has paralyzed almost the whole world, as if humanity never has faced that before. People still living in fear, panic, some are oblivious, and others simply do not care. Many people have put their trust in science and politicians over God. Our days are counted. We cannot add another second to our lives, no matter how much we diet and exercise. I am saying no to being senseless, rather let’s be wise and fearful instead of the ONE who can kill the body and soul.

Trust me, Israel is not different, no matter how much you want to idealize it. Our leaders have shown, over and over again, to be like the other nations. They lie and deceive us all the time. That is what people told the prophet, Samuel when asking for a king because we wanted to be like the other nations. We rejected God as our KING. Maybe if you grew up in a democracy may find this concept out of fashion, as an antique. We keep rejecting God as our King, believing in a neo-modernism, or hyper-grace. However, He is still king, in fact, King of the Universe. You can’t be bigger than that. Therefore, I urge you, let’s act as subjects of His Kingdom. Let’s oppose the evil which is ruling this world. That is what we celebrated last December during the feast of Hanukah. (link below for the video on it). And, just a few days ago and in a few days (January 6th) our brethren will celebrate the coming of the Messiah. Although we do not know exactly when he was born, that is irrelevant, the point being, He chose to put on human skin not so we will give gifts and presents to each other, but to show us the way we ought to behave, to lead us to his Father. In this season, I hope we can be as receptive, obedient, and determine, as this young Jewish girl, who took the chance to be ridiculed, mocked, and even to be stoned to death, when she said to Gabriel: Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word. Although November was a refreshing month to go back to work and ministry, as tourists and pilgrims returned to Israel, sadly, the show has been over. Once again, everyone in the tour industry is jobless and desperate. And our government has through us under the bus. But, I praise and thank the God and Father of Yeshua for his goodness and provision in our lives. We still have a roof over our heads, bread on the table, a bed to sleep in, and clothing on our bodies. We are grateful for the body of Messiah, for their help and support during these hard times. We are truly grateful. I continue working on my book series. Vol 2 is being designed and should be ready in a few months. I am almost finishing writing vol 3. As well; I continue producing my weekly Live Bible teaching via my YouTube Channel, the portion of the week, as well as videos about places in Israel, separating urban legends, traditions, folklore from biblical history. For this reason, I have been praying and seeking sponsors who can support my vision and mission, to up-level my video production, As of now I am wearing all the hats, from researching, filming, editing, distributing it, etc, but I have my limitations and it is overwhelming.

My vision, is being able to present the bible and places in Israel effectively, especially for millions of people who for whatever reason cannot come here, but it is my desire to bring it to them via videos, books, and live shows where I could answer some of their questions. But I cannot do this alone. 28 years ago I was able to leave my home country of Venezuela to do world mission. Back then, they could sponsor me. After that, Christians in N. Ireland did the same for me to study in Belfast and Jerusalem to get my bachelor of theology. Years later, Christians from around the world did again the same for my studies to be a tour guide and my M.A in Archaeology. Today and after so many years, I am seeking sponsors and patrons to join in my vision and mission to extend God’s kingdom via the Internet. The world is changing and changing fast! Israel is a very expensive country to live in. Traveling anywhere in order to bring these places to YouTube is expensive and time-consuming. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to the bible and the land of the bible. Would you join me in this effort, first and foremost in prayers, for His guidance, protection, and wisdom to continue being an instrument in His hands to bless others? In finances, in order to up-level the quality of the production, traveling and instead of expending so many hours in editing, outsource it so I can prepare for other lessons and more productions. For every minute you see of a quality video online are hours of investigation, preparations, and editing. I ask you to pray and think about it, and if you are not able to, perhaps you know someone who might be able to. Although Paul was a tentmaker, he still has people who sponsored his missions. I am taking a course about how exactly the system in YouTube works, and trust me it is more than just record and upload, I wish it was that simple, but I am committed to taking these tools to bless others with the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years. I am leaving some links so you can watch part of my work. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and how we can do this together. Thanks for your prayers and your considerations.

In Messiah,
Aviel Israel Superguide